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Fantasy part 2

Drill My Hole continue their latest series, Fantasy, with Part two. This series take the idea that there is such a job as Fantasy Delivery Boy, or man. All you have to do is find this guy and write to him, send him your fantasy ideas, what you’d like, or where you really fantasize about having sex, and he will make your dreams come true. He, in this case, is Tommy Defendi, the hot, dark and nine-inch hung star from a gay porn tube. Last week he was asked to create sex in the jungle, which he managed, and this time, well, as the film starts, one of the first things we see is him climbing the stairs to his apartment carrying a full length mirror. A bit of set dressing later, a costume change and then a knock on the door and that’s where co-star Connor Maguire comes in.

You might remember him from the Bubble Butts series, or, more recently, Cum Right In. Connor has appeared in movies for some of the best gay tube sites; The Gay Office, Jizz Orgy and Big Dicks At School included. Here we have him as Tommy’s trick for the afternoon and the guys waste no time in getting on with things. Connor approves of the room decoration, and heads straight for the muscular, bearded man he has hired for this fantasy session.

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Connor is paying not only for the room, but for the body and so he doesn’t hang around. He has Tommy’s pants off and his hard cock out and ready in seconds. And he’s right down on that nine inch cock, giving it some deep throat action while Tommy squeezes and plays with his hairy nipples. Connor wraps his fist around the mighty shaft and gives the wet cock some slow hand action, before sucking it again. And all this is reflected in the mirrors, so he, and we, get to see lots of double action as Connor worships the hot and hairy body of his dick for hire.

But dicks for hire also have to do as they are told and so after some while, Tommy is down on his client’s cock, deep throating in return.

He finds himself evenly matched with his client as Conner’s dick is almost as big as his own, and the oral section of this scene runs on and on wonderfully until the anal action starts with some deep rimming around eleven minuets in. And don’t forget that all the time there is the reflection to view as well, many reflections. So we get to see Tommy fucking Connor’s ass for a good long time and from, sometimes, three angles at once. And, when Tommy finally cums, it’s at Connor and beyond, to the mirrors, where it dribbles down as the scene fades on this latest hardcore fantasy.

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