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‘Jizz Orgy’ brings you a fantastic hardcore fuckfest by hot gay porn stars. Four good looking men sucking and fucking each other like rabbits is bound to get your cock hard and your juices flowing. This scene stars Morgan Shades, Mike Tanner, Cameron Foster and Brenner Bolton.

Morgan Shades is a randy young man who would suck cock for breakfast every day, if he could. He is versatile, with a seven inch cut dick. He is five foot nine inches tall with brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. This is his fourth hardcore porn movie so far with the best adult gay paysiete, his first one was ‘Taking Advantage’, with Marc Dylan and has been seen by over 32,000 men.

This is Mike Tanner’s second flick, his first one was ‘The Straight Man Part 2’, with Max Sargent, which has a great story line running through it. Mike is versatile with a seven inch dick, he is five foot ten inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. He has some hair over his toned body and is the mature man in this exciting movie.

Cameron Foster has that college team captain look about him that everyone either wants to look like, or get into bed with. He is a five foot eleven inch, blonde haired, green eyed hunk. He is versatile and has a six and a half inch cut cock. He doesn’t have a favourite sexual position because he loves them all. He has been in ten gay xxx flicks , including ‘Winner Take All’, which was his first one, and seen by over 50,000 horny men.

Brenner Bolton is the last sexy young man to mention here, and he is the one that all these men have fucked before. He is sweet looking, with that cute next-door neighbour look that everyone wants to go out with. He is versatile with a six and a half inch uncut dick, he has brown hair and seductive hazel eyes. He is six foot tall and weighs 238 pounds. He has starred in six flicks to date and his first one was ‘Before My Wife Gets Home’, where he is bent over and gets fucked by Sebastian Young.

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This movie starts off with three of their wives having a women only evening. They are moaning about their husbands not giving them sex anymore. The husbands all turn up and are told to go somewhere else and cook their own dinner. They all go off together with Brenner Bolton, who has also just turned up, and is the brother of one of the wives.

The men are hungry but Brenner whispers to Cameron Foster that he fancies a fuck instead. Cameron says no, but Mike Tanner overhears. He tells Cameron that he has also fucked Brenner once before. The two men can’t believe that they have both had gay sex with him. They look at Morgan Shades, who is covering his face, and realize that has also had Brenner.

‘Let’s teach you a lesson,’ Cameron Foster says, and they push him down on the floor.
As they gather around Brenner, they undo their zips and pull out their cocks, making Brenner suck on each one whilst he is on his knees.
Morgan Shades sits down on a chair and Brenner Bolton climbs on top of him and sits down on his cock, facing him. He gets his ass slapped and he starts riding on his cock as the other two men start sucking on one another’s stiff dicks.

Brenner gets bent over standing up, and they take turns in drilling his tight, hot, ass whilst he sucks on their cocks. The room fills up with the sounds of them all growling with pleasure as they feel his asshole clamp tight around their invading cocks.
He gets moved into another position, and, as he continues getting his ass drilled in the missionary position, Mike Tanner sucks on his dick at the same time.

Brenner Bolton is the first one to cum – over his body – and the others quickly follow, bathing his body and face with their hot cum.
Let’s hope these hunky horny men dump their moaning wives and get it on with each other a lot more often!…

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Fantasy part 2

Drill My Hole continue their latest series, Fantasy, with Part two. This series take the idea that there is such a job as Fantasy Delivery Boy, or man. All you have to do is find this guy and write to him, send him your fantasy ideas, what you’d like, or where you really fantasize about having sex, and he will make your dreams come true. He, in this case, is Tommy Defendi, the hot, dark and nine-inch hung star from a gay porn tube. Last week he was asked to create sex in the jungle, which he managed, and this time, well, as the film starts, one of the first things we see is him climbing the stairs to his apartment carrying a full length mirror. A bit of set dressing later, a costume change and then a knock on the door and that’s where co-star Connor Maguire comes in.

You might remember him from the Bubble Butts series, or, more recently, Cum Right In. Connor has appeared in movies for some of the best gay tube sites; The Gay Office, Jizz Orgy and Big Dicks At School included. Here we have him as Tommy’s trick for the afternoon and the guys waste no time in getting on with things. Connor approves of the room decoration, and heads straight for the muscular, bearded man he has hired for this fantasy session.

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Connor is paying not only for the room, but for the body and so he doesn’t hang around. He has Tommy’s pants off and his hard cock out and ready in seconds. And he’s right down on that nine inch cock, giving it some deep throat action while Tommy squeezes and plays with his hairy nipples. Connor wraps his fist around the mighty shaft and gives the wet cock some slow hand action, before sucking it again. And all this is reflected in the mirrors, so he, and we, get to see lots of double action as Connor worships the hot and hairy body of his dick for hire.

But dicks for hire also have to do as they are told and so after some while, Tommy is down on his client’s cock, deep throating in return.

He finds himself evenly matched with his client as Conner’s dick is almost as big as his own, and the oral section of this scene runs on and on wonderfully until the anal action starts with some deep rimming around eleven minuets in. And don’t forget that all the time there is the reflection to view as well, many reflections. So we get to see Tommy fucking Connor’s ass for a good long time and from, sometimes, three angles at once. And, when Tommy finally cums, it’s at Connor and beyond, to the mirrors, where it dribbles down as the scene fades on this latest hardcore fantasy.

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Drill My Hole with Paddy O’Brian and Skyy Knox

Secret Affair Part 1 is a brand new gay male porn video from Men.com that has been released by Drill My Hole. This hot and horny hardcore movie stars all exclusive star to Men.com, Paddy O’Brian, and the gorgeous Skyy Knox.

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Paddy O’Brian is an all exclusive star for Men.com, and he is the best thing that has ever cum out of the UK. He is handsome, and he has a well-defined hairy body with great nipples that love to be chewed and pulled on.
Paddy has short brown hair, horny hazel eyes, and he is a five-foot-eight-inch top man with a seven-inch cut cock and a juicy set of balls.
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Paddy has starred in 105 hardcore movies for Men.Com and he has just starred in another great series called ‘That Trick’ which ended up in a cum drenched orgy starring Andy Star, Ely Chaim and Lucas Fox.
Skyy Knox is almost too handsome. He has that perfect body that we all fight to get, and he has sweet looking hazel eyes. Skyy is five feet eleven inches tall, is a versatile bottom, and he has a seven-inch uncut cock and a shaved tight asshole that is always waiting to be drilled deep and hard.

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Paddy O’Brian has taken Skyy Knox back to his house. Skyy sees a photograph of Paddy with a good-looking man. Paddy admits that it is his boyfriend, but then he says, ‘but not for much longer.’ Skyy is happy to hear that, and as they get closer, they start kissing passionately.
They almost tear each other’s clothes off in the hurry to get to their gorgeous hard bodies. Paddy bends over as he takes hold of Skyy’s cock, and once he has spit all over it, he jerks it up and down and sucks on it for a bit. Sky then sucks on Paddy’s cock and takes it all the way to the back of his hungry throat as he deep throats that thick juicy cock.
Paddy gets Skyy onto his hands and knees, and with Skyy’s beautiful smooth ass right in front of paddy’s face, he takes a good long lick of that tight hole. Skyy groans out with pleasure, and then shouts a bit louder as Paddy taps his asshole with his finger, and then slowly slides it in and out of his dripping wet asshole.

Suddenly, Paddy hears his boyfriend coming home. Skyy hides behind a door, and as Paddy’s boyfriend comes into the bedroom, Paddy pretends to be asleep. His boyfriend kisses him sweetly on the forehead, and then goes and takes a bath.
Skyy sneaks out of his hiding place and back onto the bed on all fours. After a bit more exciting ass play, Sky sucks on Paddy’s cock for a bit and then gets back onto all fours as Paddy slides his thick pulsating cock deep into Skyy’s super tight asshole.
They try to be quiet as they fuck hard and fast, but Paddy’s boyfriend can hear strange noises as he sits in the bath. He calls out for Paddy, and Paddy tells him he will close the door. He rushes back to the bed, and this time he sits on the bed as Skyy mounts his cock and slides on it up and down.

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This time, without any interruption, Paddy pounds his dick into Skyy’s now stretched butt hole and screws his ass in the missionary position. With Paddy O’Brian’s cock pumping away at his prostate, Skyy Knox shoots his cum all over his six-pack. Paddy pulls his cock out of that beautifully fucked hole, and as he jerks frantically on his cock, he fires off his cum all over Skyy’s face, And into his mouth.
Paddy then goes and sees his boyfriend, and as he kisses him, Skyy sneaks out from behind them and leaves as quiet as he can.
Paddy O’Brian and Skyy Knox are two guys with amazingly hot bodies. Their hardcore fucking movie will soon have you reaching for your cock, and the Kleenex at the same time. If you want to see more high class gay male movies with guys like Paddy and Skyy, then all you have to do is visit http://www.gaypornstarstube.xxx/, and sit back and relax as you watch more guys having hardcore gay sex in all kinds of sexual fantasies.…

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